Hi there! My name is Lisa. I am a nature and junk enthusiast who loves family, arts, crafts, decorating, writing, recreation and animals. When the seasons are right-a large chunk of my time is spent outdoors tending to our flower and vegetable gardens, and year-round I spend a lot of time in my art room. My inspiration comes from the natural world, all things vintage, and other artists. I am dedicated to exploring, enjoying and understanding wildlife, plants, and critters and what their connections are to us-and we them.

After doing dozens of shows both indoors and out, I decided I wanted to work from home. I wanted an online business where I did not have to pack up my creations and fear damaging them, or where I did not have to put up tents, tables and to unpack and repack, fight the wind/rain/icy roads. Now, I can work from home, still meet wonderful people online, and my family is just a holler away! And in the midst of all of this, I learned that I enjoy photography! It is the perfect excuse to get outdoors and capture all that I see and love-through a camera lens. 

I will admit, however, I miss the person to person relationships. It just isn't the same online. Nonetheless, I'm here to stay for a while. I take custom orders depending on the time of year. Thanks for visiting!