July 5, 2017

The Marianna Dam on Ten Mile Creek in Pennsylvania Washington County

The 110 year old Marianna dam on Ten Mile Creek Pennsylvania, built for a coal mining company in the 1900's.

Because of safety, flood concerns, lack of funds for repair, etc, the dam is set to be removed by the group American Rivers, who works to restore rivers, in 2018.

I will miss the dam. It is a place I have often visited over the years just for picture-taking. Nonetheless I realize the danger of such a structure for those who fish, paddle, and live near the dam. 

The reservoir has also outlived its purpose as serving as a local public water supply in the past. And the longer the dam sits the more it deteriorates. 

But it'll be sad to see it go both for its beauty and its history.

The waterfall can be peaceful...

and a great area for teaching students both the good and bad of dams and dam effects on an ecosystem, as well as it's usefulness of the times.

But at times it can sure be swift, unpredictable, and downright scary.

And so the dam should go, it was decided. 

The good news is, the water quality will eventually return to a healthier state and native fish can flourish once again with its removal. 

I'll be sure to add "after" photos here on this post, at some point in the future. Thank you to those who decided that it was finally time to remove a very unsafe structure. 

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