May 30, 2017

Great Allegheny Passage Trail Youghiogheny River 2017

The Great Allegheny Passage Trail, from Whitsett to Cedar Creek park (about 10 miles this section), is quiet and peaceful with spring wildflowers making a showy trail in Fayette county.

 Historic narrative panels with info and pictures about each town along the trail, are on display so riders can learn about what past life was like along the old rail line. Waterfalls, picnic areas, and lush greenery are also the focus for miles.

Moss, sage, and emerald colors reflect off the rivers surface, and meandering streams play their music over rocks. Crow sounds, like jungle monkey's in the Amazon, are carried through tall trees. I'm not in a jungle, I tell myself, even though it sounds, looks, and feels like I am.

I waited to go here, to this wild place that just happens to have a trail through it. It's been too long since I've visited these parts. My time away was must have been good, in that I visually and mentally absorbed the scene with more of an intensity than ever before.

I know by the time I visit this particular section again, the spring wildflowers will be gone and replaced by summer blossoms and ripe berries or autumn leaves and dew covered grasses. 

Everything is alive with bits of the past still lingering, like dried meadow grasses and old grapevine growth.

A picnic area...

a place to get lost for a time.


  1. What a wonderful blog!Great photos!I am glad you could visit my blog because I could find yours!Thanks!Maristella.

  2. Hello, looks like a pretty place for a walk. Beautiful flowers and views. Lovely post.Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

    Your photographs are stunning!

  4. Beautiful photos! I especially like the shot with the purple flowers lining the road. Thank you for the visit!

  5. Thank you. Nature has an endless supply of beautiful. :)


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