January 4, 2017

Baughman Trail Loop Ohio Pyle, Pa

My family and I hiked the Baughman Trail Loop. What a magical journey! The trail loop is about 7 miles with steep valleys and jutting rocks. Fungi and fern grow in patches all along the forest floor. 

Surely there are fairies here, making their homes on top of lush green vegetation. And perhaps bears, asleep in hidden caves!

A lush and vibrant green carpet of moss that coats large boulders. 

Peaks of sunlight guided us up the leaf-coated path and birds sang from high tree tops some 50 to 70 feet high. 

The same earthy smell here reminds me of my flower garden  when I turn it over in spring. It followed us the entire climb. We got lost, I will admit. The path is poorly marked.  Nonetheless, a turn here and a turn there we made it to our destination.

The trail leads to a spectacular overlook of the Youghiogheny River Gorge. 

We will go back in spring to explore the other trails throughout Ohio Pyle. This one was not particularly challenging, and that's what we wanted this day. Personally I'd like to do a more difficult path in the future. I recommend taking food, drink, good boots, first gear stuff, a whistle, map, phone, and camera if you go. All in a backpack, of course.

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  2. Thank you Lisa, for your lovely visit to my blog,- such a wonderful experience visiting yours, with all the stunning photos.
    I wish you a most beautiful 2017.
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  3. Your photos of the Trail are beautiful.
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  4. looks like a lovely place to walk!

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