September 23, 2016

South Fork of Ten Mile Creek in Jefferson Greene County

"I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it." 
 -William Shakespeare.

There are many wild places in Greene County and Washington County, Pennsylvania to go for a peaceful afternoon. Ten Mile Creek is one of them. It's the ideal place along many of the small towns through which is passes to get lost. 

I've posted before about the north branch of Ten Mile Creek, but this post is about the south branch just off Beagle Club Road in Morgan township. Oh-boy is this area breathtaking!

This time of year in September many sections of the creek are too rough to travel because of low water levels. But this never stopped me from visiting. 

In the spring I can put in my kayak or canoe at the new launch pad area just a few feet up the creek from here, and paddle  down to the Monongahela river.  The journey is at least 5-6 hours long and well worth the trip if one is up to it. 

 Many visitors come to Ten Mile creek, including "Callie" my daughter-in-law's dog. Callie loves wild places and feels right at home like me. 

Soon the leaves will be changing and I will find the creek calling me again. She whispers often, and I listen, never once ignoring her breath against my ear. She has much to say about this peaceful place. 

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