March 10, 2016

An Interview with Welder Bob Rudy, Owner of Rudy's Fabricating and Machine in Vestaburg, Pa

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Installed near Ten Mile Creek in West Bethlehem township is this sign created and donated by local welder Bob Rudy of East Bethlehem Township.

In a huge 1900’s red bricking building that was once a power house and machine shop for the Vesta coal mine #5, is the shop of metal worker and welder specialist, Bob Rudy.  Rudy is the owner of Rudy’s Fabricating and Machine, a business specializing in robotic welding and heavy industrial repair. Rudy also creates decorative steel art pieces for the home and garden. And that’s how I met Bob, after seeing his steel fish sculptures along the Monongahela River I was interested in having him make a few pieces to enhance the natural landscape of West Beth Township-where I live. And ever since I have learned just how creative Bob Rudy is and the uniqueness of some of his designs.

Photos copyright Scherer

What are some of the decorative pieces you’ve done?

I’ve done all kinds of different steel art, from holiday yard signs, themed fire rings, signs, nature-scene tables. I made a huge 2-ton red anchor that sits out on Route 88 near my shop-It’s a special piece to me because both my sons, Brian and Daniel helped design and weld it.

What other type of other services do you offer? 

I also do iron construction, blacksmithing, steel and iron construction, structural iron construction, metal fabrication, and various other types of work.

What type of work did you do before you were a welder?

I worked in the coal mine.  When Vesta #5 coal mine closed I decided to go into business for myself. I bought the building about 17 years ago when it was up for demolition.

How can someone find you if they want something made?

My business is located in Vestaburg, Pa on Fishpot Run Dr. I welcome custom work and invite anyone to stop by and see my work.

Photo copyright Scherer

Thank you Bob for letting us have a peek inside a welder’s life.  And thank you for the many steel art pieces you have displayed throughout Washington County, Pa. They will be appreciated for many years to come.

Photos and video copyright Scherer

Photos copyright Scherer

Rudy even does custom  signs! Great for gift-giving!
Photo copyright Scherer

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  1. Wow awesome artist love what he does those fish are cool

  2. He's pretty much the only person in this area that I know who does this kind of work. The possibilities are endless in what he does.

  3. Great interview and wow that anchor is GINORMOUS!!!!!


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