February 24, 2016

It's so strange to think how different siblings can be when from the same parents and raised in the same house. You might say that before entering the world some siblings stayed too long in the oven, or didn't stay long enough. Some may have been baked to perfection (like some of them might believe). Some may be soft, or hard, in the head. Maybe a few could have used spices during baking because their personality or creativity might lack flavor. And some, no matter what spices were available, nothing would have stuck to tough surfaces. But at the end of the day, siblings are each unique in their own way, kind of like a quilt with many patterns and stories. Some may be boring, exciting, have many stitches, weaknesses, tears, colors, or are aged or fairly new.

Even with those flaws and strengths, however, together they make for one warm and priceless blanket. A keepsake that lasts for many years if properly cared for. 


  1. How beautiful Your words,I can truly relate having come from a family of 6 and then raising 4 children too. Thank You so much for dropping by and caring enough to comment-Blessings Denise

  2. wow, that is gorgeous, i believe i have seen something similar before in person. love the colors. ( :

    i got questions all the time as a kid that they couldn't believe my brother & i are related. he is so loud and very bold. i am very quiet, hard worker & pretty shy until you get to know me & i feel i can talk to you. it is nothing personal, i just am so shy (some might think i am being rude) but i just don't go out of my way to talk or introduce myself. unlike my mother who would talk to any one on the street. i am trying to be more bold it is tough though. ( ;

    thanks for visiting me, it is always fun to meet some one new. have a lovely week, it is almost over, i can't get over how this year is flying by. take care.

  3. Beautifully said. And isn't it a blessing that we are all unique. How boring and uncreative our lives would be otherwise! Thanks so much for your visit. I'm a new follower.

  4. So true and you said it beautifully...Christine