February 12, 2016

Greene River Trail Nature Biking Walking Monongahela River Pennsylvania

Many views of the Greene River Trail (which begins in Millsboro, Pa and currently ends in Crucible, Pa) are not just scenic woodlands and beautiful wildflowers.

The 5.2 mile trail parallels the Monongahela River and passes through several charming small towns, all of which I find to be uniquely similar in tales of what family life was like for those who lived alongside the Monongahela river.

One of the towns is Rices Landing in Greene County, established in 1786. The town is known for a century-old, restored machine shop called W A Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop. The foundry produced parts for local coal mines and was once a place for steamboats to be repaired; original tools and machines are still on display and in working condition. The shop is open to the public during summer months. 

There are several parks, river access areas, a Lock 6 museum, and fishing spots in Rices Landing.

Wood benches are spotted along Greene River Trail where families can sit and enjoy the scenery, observe boaters, rest, break for lunch, or gaze out at the coal mining remnants.

Personally, I've met many inspiring people on the trail, such as a man in his 70's who uses the trail to get into shape for much larger bike rides on another trail. Another man walks several miles a day on the path for the health benefits ever since his heart attack, a middle-aged woman walks the path in full at least 6 times a year because she feels closer to a loved one who passed away who frequently walked the path, and a photographer whose favorite time of year is autumn at peak color season.

Year after year the trail is not just one of my favorite local destinations, it's a favorite destination for many nature lovers and young and old tourists from far and wide. There's something here for everyone: food, biking, boating, picnicking, bird-watching.... Come see for yourself. You will leave better than you came! I'm sure of it. 

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  1. The green river trail looks so lovely, would love to hike it sometime. Lecia


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