January 23, 2016

Winter in West Bethlehem Township ~Beautiful Living~

No matter the time of year, West Bethlehem township in Pennsylvania is beautiful. 

From back roads to main street there is a certain charm that only an observant person will appreciate.

Winter is the perfect time to spend more time at the local library, pictured in the center of the town sign. The library has a variety of books as well as local history information: photos, newspaper clippings, memorabilia.

Regular winter scenes of sled riding, snowball fights, and snowmen building are common, as well as hot chocolate days and fireside nights indoors.

Nature sleeps in West Beth - yet she gives us a special dose of pretty to last until she's ready to make her spring debut. 

This post or site is not affiliated with West Bethlehem Township. This is an unofficial post. I am a resident posting my love through photos and words of the town I call home. 

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