December 26, 2015

West Bethlehem Township in Pennsylvania

Photo copyrighted by J. Petros

West Bethlehem Township

Quiet Country Roads

Deep Hills and Valleys

Ten Mile Creek





Magnificent Sunsets

Wildflowers Galore

(Village of Marianna from Highland Ridge Road in West Bethlehem Township)

Wide Open Spaces 

Outdoor Recreation

West Bethlehem Township, in Washington County, was established in 1790. It was once part of the original township of Bethlehem from 1781 to 1790. There are majestic hills with incredible views of Scenery Hill, Washington, Marianna, and Uniontown. On many roads one can walk an hour or more without a single car passing. And when a car does pass, one finds it's not a car at all but a tractor! 

The largest body of water passing through West Bethlehem Township is Ten Mile creek. The creek normally has a short navigation period from April to early May. Anything before or after this time there is often low water levels  or it's too cold. Occasionally,  there is unusual rainfall in the summer that may extend the period for boating, but often it causes  dangerous water conditions.   Nonetheless, Ten Mile Creek is a peaceful place to visit and there are nice fishing spots. 

This post or site is not affiliated with West Bethlehem Township. This is an unofficial post. I am a resident posting my love through photos and words of the town I call home. 

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