December 22, 2015

Ten Mile Creek Marianna, Pennsylvania

Not far from where I live is a beautiful creek called Ten Mile. I visit the creek often and discover something new every time from tree crickets in summer to frozen dandelion seed heads in early winter. 

Each season a new kind of beauty arrives. Wildflowers die and coats of fall colors on dried stems take their place.

There is no peace like walking along Ten Mile creek picking wildflowers and seeing the sunset colors reflect off marshy green and sometimes teal blue water.

Whether I am kayaking on Ten Mile or passing by it on my bike,  I am always captivated by the variety of life trailing it, and the life within its fragile waters.

Often I write in my notebook new and old findings so as to compare the creek of today with the creek of tomorrow. 

I have never loved a body of water so much as I do Ten Mile creek. Perhaps it's because the creek travels through the area in which I live, and I can visit it often. Maybe it's the healing power of sorts I feel when I am near it. It needs me as much as I need it, this I am sure. 

Come visit Ten Mile Creek Wild on Facebook-where several photographers, including myself, document this beautiful tributary to the Monongahela river and all of its wild life.  Ten Mile Creek Wild.

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