July 10, 2015

Aged Beautiful

There's something about a worn object and natural findings together that intrigues me.  Fresh flowers are like the narrator to a days-gone-by door, welcoming me into its story of time and travel. 

The door is like the narrator to the fresh bouquet, welcoming me into the present and stillness of a carefree moment.

Young and old go well together.

Live simply. Appreciate all. We are both at some point.


  1. Stunning photography and subjects. I love old worn pieces too. There is nothing like it.


  2. Beautiful post...Love the old and time worn, with the fresh newness of the flowers.

  3. What gorgeous images! Love your choices to photograph.
    Great style.

  4. Thank you for popping over to mine and leaving your sweet comment and becoming my newest follower! I'm honoured to be here. :-)

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