April 8, 2015

Fancy Frames

I love old frames. Some of these are mine and some are my sister's work. All are sold. I do love hunting for old frames and vintage and thrift shops and fixing them up. It is popular these days for sellers to buy new fancy frames, paint them up to look old, and then sell them as vintage, up-cycled, or salvaged. Sellers can get away with this if the frames look genuine. To me, I like to be honest in what I am selling. If the frame is old or gently used from a thrift, I will tell you. I do like knowing that I am reducing, reusing, recycling as much as possible-so I don't do this. I never fool my buyers into thinking they are buying something that is old, but is really new with added paint and embellishments. If you are like me, and really like the idea of living by the 3 R's, watch out for false reproductions. Many items, not just frames, are imported from Asian markets where they make items super cheap-and often with toxic materials.There are even Asian sellers selling items that they call vintage, but in truth they are newly made. I also like the idea of making a frame from scratch materials, starting with wood and building up with clay, paper mache, brooches or architectural add-ons.

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