February 24, 2015

Vintage Hankies Decorating

Who doesn't love to dig through the drawers at a vintage shop? Here where I live, shopkeepers fill  old dresser drawers with  handkerchiefs that are monogrammed, embroidered, lace-edged, plain, or printed with a floral pattern. And they are all for sell! 

The ideas are endless on where to use handkerchiefs when it comes to decorating. Personally, I have used them on purses, dresses, dolls, pillows, frames, and cards. They also make a nice lightweight valance.  One could also use them as wrapping paper, for sachets,  fabric for a lampshade, doilies, ties for the hair, and wraps for herbs.

As a young girl I always remember my mother using handkerchiefs in her yo-yo quilts. And at Christmas, she would make teacher's gifts fancily-wrapped with hankies, ribbon, candy canes, and a special note. My mother also gives me a rose hankie every year in my birthday card.

When I'm out and about at local thrift stores I always pick up a floral hankie. From time to time, if the deal is good, you may even find me selling several here on eBay. I hope in some way I have inspired you to use your own collection of hankies in various projects or to preserve them as they are and put them in frames


  1. Lisa, I know I've said it before, but your website is just beautiful. It's wonderful to see such vivid color on such a dreary day where I live. I like the quilt idea best for these colorful hankies. Thanks for sharing. I've got to try this. It will certainly brighten up a room.

  2. Lisa, thanks for sharing. This one I'll have to pass on up the line. I don't have the hankies at my house. They are hibernating in my family home. I'll have to send for some, because you've inspired me.

  3. Your vintage hankies are so pretty. My aunts always sent hankies in birthday cards. My mom used to tie my Sunday School offering (quarters) in a hanky for me to carry to church. :) Oh, how I wish I had all those hankies now. I have seen the hankies made into a valance before. That's something I'd like to do, so I pinned it to remind me. Thanks for sharing, (Thanks, too, for the nice comment you left on m blog.) ~ Nancy


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