January 31, 2015

How to Make a Dried Flax Seed Wreath

Organic flax seeds planted in my garden turned to lovely flax flower plants. I was surprised that they grew, because I bought the seeds in the food section. 

When they were ready I cut and tied them and hung them in bunches in my shed to dry. They like a dark, dry place. 

I used a 14" wire frame that I bought at a yard sale. You can find them at your local craft store.

As you start putting small bunches around the metal form, attach them securely with green floral wire. 

Follow the same direction all the way around, adding wire as you go.

It will last for year if you keep it out of the hot sun and in a dry room (not the bathroom). There are preservation sprays you can use, but I don't like chemicals so I leave mine as natural as possible. 

If the need arises and you want to make a new one many years down the road,just remove the old flax and wire and start anew.


  1. I think a few baby's breath and roses more and a smaller version of this wreath will look good on the head. :)

  2. I love the crown idea. Great for a wedding!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've never grown flax (yet) but I like your flax wreath. Thanks for the nice tutorial and wow, I love the orphan squirrel videos, great photography. You've made a good friend and he'll be around for a long time.

    Have a nice weekend.


  4. Pretty awesome tips here - I learned some things for sure :)

  5. Oi Lisa
    A coroa ficou fabulosa e o seu tutorial para os aprendizes ficou perfeito. Ameiiii
    Um ótimo domingo

  6. Lisa, this is beautiful. You make it sound so simple. I love your blog. It's colorful, happy, and bright. Thanks so much for joining my Adventures in Writing blog. I have joined your blog and look forward to more informative, step-by-step ideas to beautify my home. Thanks again. ~Victoria Marie Lees

  7. Que blogue tão bonito, parabéns!
    Adorei e aprendi a fazer uma coroa.

    Kisses from Portugal :)

  8. Really!? Flax seeds that you buy in the store to eat? I will have to try that. I've bought a flax plant on several occasions. It looks lovely in my garden, but just one little plant hardly makes the statement that your patch of flowers makes.

    1. Yes, the kind you buy in the store. They must be whole flax seeds, of course, and not the ground ones. They are annuals. I have also done this with poppy seeds, chamomile seeds that are inside tea bags (I just remove the seeds from the tea bags), and with some spices.....I have grown several mulberry trees when after picking a mulberry I smash the seeds onto a paper towel, let them sit a few days, or not, and plant them immediately. If you are patient and take care of it, by covering the seeding with chicken wire or some kind of like wire, in 10 years you will have fruit.

  9. This is beautiful.
    How very creative ...

  10. Oh Lisa!! So beautiful - what a gorgeous wreath:). I just love flax and this would be a fabulous make with the plants I've grown in my garden!
    Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog - I'm so pleased to have met you and discovered your blog!
    Blessings! Kelly-Anne