January 31, 2015

How to Grow and Dry Flax Seed and Create Wreath

Organic flax seeds planted in my garden turned to lovely flax flower plants.  

Store-bought seeds can be expensive and, as you know, nearly every seed pack contains very few seeds.

Many grocery stores sell seeds in their food sections that I use for planting. For instance, you can find whole flax in the organic section, like I bought and planted above, for about $3.89 a pound (I repeat, a pound!), and poppies in the baking section for $3.99 for 1/4 cup. Chamomile seeds taken from organic tea bags even work. In the pet section are various seeds for birds, such as sunflower and millet that also make for a nice crop when planted. 

For floral designers, the flax seeds are perfect for planting and then drying once the blue flowers are spent. When dried, flax makes gorgeous pepperberry-pod like wreaths. Of course, the added bonus of flax is the enjoyment of the dainty, blue flowers that bloom before the flax is ready for drying.

When they were ready I cut and tied them and hung them in bunches in my shed to dry. They like a dark, dry place. 

I used a 14" wire frame that I bought at a yard sale. You can find them at your local craft store.

As you start putting small bunches around the metal form, attach them securely with green floral wire. 

Follow the same direction all the way around, adding wire as you go.

It will last for year if you keep it out of the hot sun and in a dry room (not the bathroom). There are preservation sprays you can use, but I don't like chemicals so I leave mine as natural as possible. 

If the need arises and you want to make a new one many years down the road,just remove the old flax and wire and start anew.