December 17, 2014

Connecting with Nature in the Rain...Scherer Beautiful Living

Every once in a while I walk in the rain, on purpose. Yesterday was one of those days. 

I was painting when I looked outside where raindrops collected on the screen. Though it was raining, I wanted to go for a walk. The sky was gray, and the wind  obvious from dormant berry canes gently scratching at the window. Neither of these mattered. My inner voice said "Go! Go! Go!".

River, our dog, went with me. Somehow I knew she felt the same way, that she'd spent enough time on the rug moving only to stretch or change positions.

She and I walked 60 minutes in a light rain, umbrella-less. I had no care to hold anything above my head for the 40 minute walk. I wanted, rather, I "needed", to move. I had been sitting all day. And it didn't matter if I walked  fast or slow or in rain or wind. 

The rain fell on my hair and face, and when I returned home my pants and shoes were soaked. But it was okay. It was nice, in a warped kind of way.  River's coat was not too soaked through since her natural water repellent fur has that oil sheen to it. 

Inside, River had something to do now besides lay; she went straight away to licking herself clean which I knew would take a good hour. I changed into dry clothes and appreciated the warmth of our home all the more. 

A few minutes reflecting on our uncommon journey up and down a quiet neighborhood road, and having gotten all that I had needed from the nature, which made me want to go in the first place, I went back to painting as if I had never left. And that is the fuel that is necessary for me to be creative, to spend the right amount of time outdoors.

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  1. I'm glad the walk in the rain left you feeling alive and inspired again!
    I haven't done that in ages!!!


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