December 31, 2014

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I've always admired vintage photographs, especially of women. I loved seeing their hairstyles, clothing, and expressions.  Mostly I liked to look deep within their eyes with long lashes and see their lifelong stories of hard work, heartbreak, love, hope, tenderness, and joy.

Somehow, I feel I can relate to them. They were no different than me in many ways. They had dreams, drama going on like most families do, and some were likely known for their creativeness in writing, decorating,  baking, sewing, entertaining, singing, or simply just being an all around fun and unique girl

I do think I have a bit of Gypsy in me, as well as Victorian and Plain Jane. On certain days one comes shows more than the other. 

This week I'm feeling vintage only because I dipped into my family genealogy again and it makes me yearn to go back to the past.


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