October 10, 2014

Beautiful living means....

     Beautiful living is first and foremost, to me, about spending time with my family and friends and being in the comfort of my own home. But this goes without saying, really. Nonetheless, I must be reminded from time to time who and what is important, so I can slow my pace if my fast button is stuck. And for me to live beautifully is about spending lots of time outdoors. There's nothing like sunshine, dirt, animals, insects, flowers, rainbows and waterfalls to boost a person's spirit. 

     Of course, there are other ways to live beautifully, in a  decorative sense. 

     Beautiful living can continue right in our very homes just by adding simple, handmade, hand-me--down, up-cycled, salvaged, or vintage objects; and we don't need too many items to achieve a beautiful feeling. An accumulation of things only sends signals to the brain that we must dust these objects from time to time, move them around to clean behind them, fix them, re-paint them, get rid of them after you tire of them, when many times you'd rather be reading, taking a walk, spending time outdoors with family and pets, learning something new..... It's usually not much fun decorating when there's too much with which to keep up. 

    Is it necessary to buy most things brand new, when yesterday's best items are a dime a dozen and work just as well as the new, if not better? Not to me. It's wonderful to know that by reducing, reusing, and recycling nearly everything we own, we are leaving the world a better place for tomorrow's children so they too can live a beautiful life free of so much plastic clutter! Too much stuff is just too much stuff, even if it's junk, new, or handmade. A person has to know when they fall into the materialistic wagon. And we all do occasionally. Before we know it it we find ourselves pitching things at Springtime, days-months-or years later, after purchasing them, just to feel the wonderfulness of an uncluttered or empty closet. When our shelves and closets are full of things we never use, or rarely use, it somehow triggers a to-do list in our brains and makes us feel overwhelmed. I don't know about you, but I sometimes don't recognize how awful is my attitude until I start giving things away. Suddenly, I am on top of the stars and feel FREE! It took me a long time to understand this about myself. I used to wonder why my mother had very little in her kitchen in the way of decorating. Now I know she was happy with less. We had a clock and a few window plants in our kitchen, and even the inside of our refrigerator was close to bare (but that was not by choice. I am one of ten children).

     Beautiful living is not just surrounding ourselves with the people we love and enjoying the natural world; it's about living simply, helping others, participating in making the world a better place in areas that are important to each of us, and living a spiritual life in whatever sense that may be for each of us.

     Being surrounded by beautiful objects, made by creative hands instead of machines, is something like a personal treat to ourselves because of the stories that are behind them, as well as they are expressions of who we are because we chose or made them.

     Beautiful living starts at the heart and makes its way to the eyes, hands, ears, and mouth. And often it's contagious through actions and words. Live simply, love often, and laugh always, even if you don't feel like it. You can be contagious to your own self.

What does beautiful living mean to you in the decorative sense?

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