October 11, 2014

The Description Said Antique

I love it when I find something honestly antique, and something that was not sold from a wholesale supplier, or from a seller who had bought the item from a supplier and  passed it off as  antique- when indeed it was not. This is being done more and more these days, items being sold as vintage when they are modern- and often cheaply made. Even some art is often being sold as original, when in truth it's a reproduction or a copycat piece (which this is okay for some of us, but there are others, like me, who like to know the truth behind what they are buying).

Commercial suppliers easily replicate yesterdays best items. And the buyers who purchase from them often resell the items and make up a whole story around the so-called antique piece-just to make more money than what they originally paid for the item. Personally, I can spot a modern item fairy quickly, not just by the photos, but by the title, description, quality, and quantity available. And sometimes, even by the seller.

I would suggest to those of you who want a real dated item is to get to know your antiques, at least the ones you are interested in. Do a little research first, ask the seller questions, visit other sites that sell antiques, and visit your local library for books on antiques. Sometimes, just knowing what country the item would be shipped from may start you on your journey to find out whether the item is genuine or not.

There are hundreds of frames, statues, art, and clothing being sold as antique online, when in fact they are modern-made, and meant to look old. But you would never know this, because the description is misleading. And many times this is done on purpose. You may also find titles with words like "Vintage Style Doll" or "Vintage Style Hat". The word Vintage used with Style is to attract customers who are looking for vintage dolls or hats- in hopes they may be interested in a hat or doll with an old look; "Style" is also used to let a potential customer know the item is not vintage- yet it has the style of a certain period.

If you are not looking for genuine pieces, then this post is not for you. This post is simply to make others aware..... 

Just remember, even normally honest, or honest-looking people can paint an item gold and later tell you, "It's not painted but is real gold from the hills of C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A". And they may even be so bold to say it's from the 1800's! Some will believe it, because the seller's package-so to speak- comes well wrapped. 

Do your homework first, especially before putting a grand amount of money on something you suspect is not truly antique.

For me, I choose to buy antique, as well as local, handmade, earth-friendly, and up-cycled, as often as possible. The world certainly does not need more landfills to hold newly-made objects (often plastic) that only last a couple of years, especially when there are lots of antique, vintage, and thrift items still available at fair prices, and in great condition. There are also lots of honest antique dealers/sellers online. You just have to take the time to find them.

Good luck!

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