September 11, 2014

Shadow Patterns

Someday, I'd like to make a large mixed media wall piece of combined shadow pictures that would resemble a quilt. While I was out on a walk the other day, I thought the patterns on the road were delightful, and at times they danced with the breeze.

 I realized that if I did not capture the shadows they would never be seen again after this year, or even known by anyone but me. I like the idea of being the only one to experience something. But this time I wanted  to share my findings.

Next year, the trees will have grown or lost branches and the patterns will be different. In a way, the shadows remind me of stenciled lace. 

I'd like to make a cloud collection, too, where I take a picture of the sky at the exact same time every day for a year. This way I'd be able to compare the changing colors, shapes, and uniqueness of each cloud pattern, and just appreciate our ever-changing world.

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