September 17, 2014

Free DIY Santa Claus Cone Printable Christmas Ornament

You won't want to miss making this sweet cone Santa ornament! 

Directions:  Just print out on heavy card stock paper, or glue the image to thin cardboard for more durability, cut it out and shape into a cone. Hold together with double-sided tape, glue, or staples-and hole punch the sides for adding ribbon for hanging.

 You may decorate the ornaments as you like, so long as the image itself is not altered-such as Photo-shopping it. Add trim, glitter, etc. Fill with whatever you desire for gift-giving: candy, small gifts, food. The quality of the print depends on your printer. 

The Santa image is protected by copyright and may not be photocopied or copied in any way for the use of reselling or anything other than your personal use. Ages 8 and up.