June 8, 2014

How to Make a Bohemian Rag Garland for Weddings Home Beach Decor ~ No sewing required!

Get rid of  your colorful fabric scraps by making a bohemian chic garland. Rip a strip of cotton fabric for the base. Make it however long you wish. This will be what you tie your scraps to...

Cut or rip various fabric strips from your leftover fabric approx 9" to 10" long and 1" or so wide.  Tie your first piece over the green strand, making sure to tie it over the end fabric knot piece so it stays secure. 

Continue down the base by repeating with various colors. You can even add beads, trims, ribbon, flowers.

Tie a knot at the end  and treat it as you did the first knot, by tying a few pieces of fabric over the end piece.

Trim any piece that may be too long.

Ready to hang. Great for weddings, holiday, or home decor. The completed garland is not for use or play by small children or pets.

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