August 4, 2013

How to Make a Vintage Antique Cup Saucer Bird feeder Tutorial

Treat your feathered friends to nourishment from an elegant feeder.

What you'll need:
2 teacup
1 saucer
1/8" glass drilling bit
3/4" dowel rod
glass prism
clear bead
sturdy chain
1 3/4" wood screw (can replace screw with epoxy glue)
The first step to making the bird feeder teacups is to find two teacups and a saucer. It may be best to use china from a local thrift shop and not your expensive chinaware.

For the standing feeder: With a glass drilling bit, carefully drill a hole through the center bottom of both teacups as well as the plate (read directions on pkg as far as drilling glass or china). I put a few drops of water on the area I am drilling to keep the blade and area moist so that this prevents cracking. Do not force the drill bit: let it do the work on its own. Drill a few extra holes in the bottom of the plate for drainage. Take the teacup that belongs to the plate and attach both of them to a painted dowel rod with a long screw. (To do this, put the screw through the hole in the cut and into the hole of the saucer, and then into a dowel rod into which you had previously drilled a hole; do not make the screw tight.) Place the feeder in your favorite spot and fill with birdseed. If you have cat's, you may not want a bird feeder like this. If you do have cats and would still like one, I suggest making the pole longer.

For the hanging feeder: Drill a few holes in the bottom of the plate for drainage. Gently drill three more holes spaced evenly apart around the rim of the teacup. With wire or metal loops, attach chain for hanging. Bring two chains together at the top and attach them with a metal loop or your desired embellishments (you can also try it with 3 chains spaced evenly apart). Anything goes here, even costume jewelry. Take a glass prism and attach it to the bottom of the cup by hooking wire through it and up through the cup, to which you will need to attach a clear bead. Hang the feeder, and you're ready for some bird company.