June 5, 2013

Chasing Spring

One day, as I am cleaning the house, I feel something chasing me. It knew who and what it was; I've felt her presence many times before. It was Spring. Spring often tries to get my attention this time of year, but sometimes I ignore her when I am busy. But I will tell you I want nothing more than to let her catch me.

It wasn't long before Spring came up behind me, tapped me on my shoulder and pulled me into her open arms of wildflowers and pink sunsets. She showed me how much she had missed me. I showed her how much I missed her by taking in all she had to offer! We watered flowers together, planted herbs, and picked wildflowers to bring inside for the times I can't get out to see her. Many weeks pass, and Spring will be gone before long. I find myself chasing her from the kitchen window while I clean the dishes. It is impossible to reach her from inside the house. She seems to be moving fast this day and she cannot be fully felt indoors. “Slow down" I call out to her through the screen. "You can't leave before I get to spend more time with you. Please. I'm not ready for the heat of summer."

She laughs, in her rustling of leaves kind of way. "Stop working then! I am leaving In June. Come out and get to know Spring 2015 before I am gone." 

So I wipe my hands on a dishcloth and burst through the screen door to be with her. She comes up beside me instantly. Her puffy clouds followed me up a meandering path toward a creek where she joined me beside a rock. As she moved over my hair I smelled her fragrance. It was a mix of lilacs, earth, and branches. So refreshing.

"I want to see you as much as possible," she said. "Your house does not have to be perfect. The more you have in it, the more you have to clean and take care of, and this is less time for us." Her and I decided that our relationship would be much stronger if we spent more time together. We are meeting later for a bike ride. I will make certain to take photos of our time together so I can look back and enjoy her when she's no longer here. And I will focus more on living simply, so I can simply enjoy the seasons.

ps- I would tell Spring to stop by your place, but she's already there waiting for you. Get out and enjoy her today.