May 29, 2013

Grow Your Own Orchard

I sent a  card in the mail today-to a relative for her birthday.She responded by saying, "Thank you. You are an apple who didn't fall from the tree!" She meant the words as a compliment, of course. I was appreciative of the response, and didn't tell her that I had always thought of the idiom about the apple not falling far from the tree as a person who was boring and normal. To her, the words meant I am like one of my parents, who are both kindhearted. That was nice of her.

I believe, however, that I am very much my own apple, who fell far away from her parent tree, rolled down the hill to be carried away by a stream, only to end up in the mouth of a vulture who swallowed my seeds, eliminated them where the soil then took them up and turned them into a vast apple orchard in the middle of nowhere. I am not an apple who simply fell down and stayed close by the parent tree. I have grown separately...yet never apart from my original roots. And to me life is better this way-it's flavored with my own surprises, experiences, traditions, beliefs.