May 17, 2013

Featured Guest Interview with Alicia Wolff ~ Keys Creek Lavender Farm

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Keys Creek Lavender Farm, the only certified organic lavender farm in San Diego County, is nestled in the foothills of the Palomar Mountain Range. The Farm is owned and operated by Alicia Wolff, a South African Native. She discovered the Lavender Farm (formally the Lavender Fields) and felt an instant connection to the land. Her background is in marketing and networking. Her passions are her children, community service, cooking and paintings. Keys Creek Lavender Farm carefully hand harvests their lavender and distills it to make over 75 products for sale in the Farm Store and on line. They are also in numerous Farmer's Market's in San Diego County. Guests love to walk the Living Labyrinth and sit in the Meditation Garden. The energy of the Farm brings a deep feeling of serenity and calm coupled with the sweet fragrance of lavender.

Photo copyright of Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Tell us about Keys Creek Farm...

This year we as always are supporting the Honey Bee Colony Collapse. In recent years the honey bee populations across the continent have plummeted as much as 70%. The biggest reason is insecticides. Insecticides are used to protect crops from invasive insects, but also kill many other insects, including our precious honey bees. The homing abilities of the worker bees are paralyzed and they cannot find their hive, thus leaving the queen bee to starve. Organic farming is the best possible solution to this problem. Organic farmers use natural treatments including the use of insects that feed on pests. Please help us support our efforts to end the honey bee colony collapse. Plant lavender plants or use our products. For every product sold, we donate a portion of those proceeds to build a new lavender filed for out bees to thrive.

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What is Keys Creek Lavender Farms mission?

Our mission is to provide a place of peace, healing and serenity.

What are some of the uses for Lavender?

There are so many uses for lavender; it would take a full page to list them all. Some of the most common uses are to relieve stress and anxiety, heal cuts, wounds and burns, relieve insomnia and headaches, and ease sinusitis. 

Do you offer tours, as well as hold events?

We are open to the public every Wednesday through Sunday during Peak Bloom Season in May and June. We offer free walking tours every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 and 1:30 pm. We are also a Private Event location year round. We host every event from weddings to healing workshops to corporate retreats. If you are interested in an event, please email us at or call 760-742-3844.

Photo's copyright of Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Thank you, Alicia, for sharing the beautiful Keys Creek Lavender Farm with us! We appreciate all of your hard work and commitment. If you'd like to visit Keys Creek Lavender Farm, and find out more about their products, events, classes, and tours please visit their website at

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