April 13, 2013

How to Make a Bridal Bouquet ~ Vintage Style ~ Tutorial

Video on how to make quick fabric roses.

Make as many fabric lace roses as you desire. I used approx 75 for this bouquet. Keep them bundled by putting them in jar until you are ready to add the things below.

Add small flowers of your choice to the ends of a pipe cleaner. In this case I used creamy-yellow ones that I had left-over from another project.Cut out circles from an old doily. Put the stem of a flower (in this case I used a clay flower) through the doily. Add everything to the bouquet in areas where it looks balanced when finished.

Break up an old beaded necklace, buttons, earrings or whatever you want to add to your bouquet. If pipe cleaners do not work then there are white wire in rolls you can purchase at your local craft store or online.

Add your prism by putting a pipe cleaner through the whole and then weaved it through the bundle of pipe cleaners that make up the handle. Cover the pipe cleaner bundle with white lace, or whatever you have on hand. Then cover the white lace fabric with a creamy lace, unless you want to keep it white. Create you bow and tie a white pipe cleaner to secure it to the top part of bouquet. Add anything you desire at this point once you inspect the bouquet for any bare areas. You can do so by gluing any other pieces to the bouquet by pushing aside the roses. Fluff it up where needed and you are done!

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