April 16, 2013

Get Down and Dirty with Nature Today

 I lay down on the wet grass when out for a walk. I want to see the grass from a new perspective.

 I am close enough I could kiss the ground, which would make sense since I appear to be hugging the earth.  A worm pokes its head above the soil near my head.
It's a whole different kind of world going on beneath me, just as precious as the world going on above me- where birds fly and trees begin to bud. I think it's vital for me to allow myself to glimpse and enjoy nature from every possible angle. If I  live and love closer to earth, then I appreciate the natural world much deeper. 

An ant crawls across my hair. The earth, still damp from last night’s rain is cold on my back. I welcome it-because a people-talking-phone-ringing-traffic-heavy headache has engulfed me and I am in need of a thorough visit with nature for a cure.

The world is different down here, close to the earth. The insects scurry about their business without a care in the world, unlike me, the giant woman who studies them.

Growing beside me are tiny yellow flowers with stems thin as fishing string. I’ve never before seen them and I wonder if I can eat them. I will find out later after looking through my wildlife book on edibles.

Dandelions dot the fields here. My mouth puckers to blow several of their dried flower heads. Seeds scatter and fall on moist grass. I rest my head on earth and close my eyes. The image of cauliflower-like clouds passes across my mind.

I open my eyes and see the same clouds. My headache is gone, just like that. Relieved, I get up after a short while and start down the path toward home.

With stick in hand, I stop and spell L-I-S-A in the dirt. Ants scatter from under a nearby rock that I bend down to pick up to admire its strange stripes. The seemingly frantic insects jump over and into each other as if trying to figure out what to do to protect their once hidden eggs from me, a possible predator. I put the rock back, knowing that soon the ants will be back to business as usual under the rock.

Surrounding me are old oak trees towering over dozens of oak saplings. On a nearby elm tree sits a male robin singing to a female robin, which I cannot see through the thickness of leaves- but I know she's there. 

I observe each living thing this day and its connection with its own kind. This makes me better understand the importance of my visit with nature. It was not just to break away from my own kind’s chattering and doings, or to seek a sense of renewal-growth-and release. It was to remind me why I need good people in my life.

I want, and very much need to feel like I belong somewhere with someone-whoever it is-often and sometimes and yet not so much. 

And so I have learned that seeking nature for cures, as well as enjoyment is vital to a rich life, as are being with the very people I need to get away from at times.

I love my earth and everything in it- always. It is the medicine I need for nearly everything.

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