February 19, 2013

Featured Guest Interview with Cindy Ellis- California Romantic Rose Oil Painter

Photo copyright Cindy Ellis

~Painting with Passion~

Acclaimed romantic style artist, Cindy Ellis, surrounds herself with the roses she loves to paint. She keeps roses, both inside and outside of her vintage cottage bungalow in Redlands, California. 

Her adoration of roses spills straight from her heart and onto canvas. She captures the grace and splendor of the flower we have all come to know as the most romantic flower of all time, the rose. And Cindy does this again and again in her paintings!

What else is there to know about Cindy? She is just as beautiful a person as the roses that she paints. Read to find out more.

Photo copyright Cindy Ellis

 What inspired you to become an artist?

I have a great passion for nature and beauty, and I try to capture this in my paintings. My journey of painting began with an interest in porcelain painting, specifically roses on plates. Since then, my goal has always been to share my gift of painting roses with others who are just as passionate about the rose flower as I am. I believe my talent is a gift from God, and it brings me no greater joy or reward than to share my art with others. 

 What is the most rewarding thing about being an artist? 

My studio is surrounded by roses. They climb tall arbors and spill over and near a trickling waterfall pond, and it is here that I get inspiration as well as teach painting classes. I like to share and encourage other women along their creative journey. I believe we all have a God-given talent. The most important thing about finding your gift is to be open and look to your passions. Part of realizing your talent is to pay attention to what is already inside you.

 When you aren't painting, what are your other hobbies? 

I partner up with my husband who creates vintage style garden houses and birdhouses. He and I do a lot of traveling, and we’re always looking for a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the beauty and simple things in life. Most important and rewarding in my life is spending time with my family, grandkids, and 2 Chihuahuas. 

 What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I try to keep my life simple, and I am grateful for everything that comes my way. Life has many challenges and I feel it's important to support and encourage each other, especially in difficult times. Besides being an artist I have always had a need in helping those who suffer emotionally, it is something I feel is overlooked and misunderstood. I hope to continue to always see things in a new light and never take anything for granted. Life is God's most precious gift to us all. But I believe it is how we choose to live this gift that gives us full meaning and appreciation of what is truly important.

Photo copyright Cindy Ellis

Thank you, Cindy, for giving us a peek inside your creative world! Your art exudes beauty and romance.

Photo copyright Cindy Ellis

For more information on Cindy's art, please visit www.cindyellisart.com. Here you will find links to her rose paintings, as well as her art classes and other beautiful decor.