October 28, 2012

How to Make a Dried Hydrangea Bouquet Wreath Arrangement

Who doesn't love the fresh and abundant heavenly-white flowers that are hydrangeas?  Like roses, they are nearly equally pretty both fresh and dried.

 I usually wait until the hydrangeas, in this case Pee Gee Hydrangeas, turn lime green before I cut them for drying.

1.Here I am using a green wire wreath frame that you can purchase at your local craft store. 

2.Begin dried wreath wreath by attaching floral wire to the side, or wherever you prefer to start. Keep wire very long and uncut until the end -as you will likely need it all.

3. Break off some of the twig area so that you have next to none. Wrap wire around and through the hydrangea, carefully and tightly. You will have some flaking. 

4. Continue step 3 until you've gone all the way around with hydrangea's. Note-do not cut wire at this point. 

5. Add more hydrangea's by going around the wreath in the same method you did at the beginning, wiring this time the hydrangea's closer to the inside. Do this a 3rd time too, closer to the outside edge. When finished, add hydrangeas in any bare spots or area's that may have shed. You can hot glue them in at this point, if you find that you did not tighten the wire enough for them to stay in.

Finished! Add a bow if you like, or other natural elements. There are dried flower sprays on the market to give it a tint of blue or pink, however, I personally like it in its natural state  (not so fond of the chemical sprays).

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