June 29, 2012

Natural Green Dried Arrangement's Flowers Weeds Meadow Grass


There's something wonderful about meadow grass before and after it's dried. I love the simplicity of it both tied in a bundle for display or by itself in an arrangement. In truth, it reminds that I don't need money to have beauty in the home and in my yard. There are dozens of  meadow grasses along roadways and in backyards. Most people will be happy to let you take as much as you want, for free!  

If you're wanting a bit of color added to your greens, from spring to fall you will also find many colorful wild blooms that can be dried and added to crafts. Many wildflowers should only be picked at certain times of blooming in order for their color to remain bright, as well as their strength and appearance. Here are just a few that I myself have had success in drying: goldenrod, butterfly weed, joe-pye weed. 

Fresh or dried bouquets from wildflowers are a great way to give back to the earth, too!

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