April 10, 2012

Recall Your Earliest Love of All Things Vintage Roses Victorian Country French Romance Style Decor

I was very young when I felt I should have been born in the Victorian Era. This feeling was not long after watching “Gone with the Wind”, my mother’s favorite movie, and now my favorite movie. My mother has a special fondness for old things. And I do, too. But I don't credit anyone for that. I love time-worn items because of the stories they hold.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve not only collected and decorated with vintage items- I've incorporated them into many of my projects.  Touring old mansions for a bit of romantic history and studying decorative styles is something I do every year.  I frequent estate auctions and flea markets in hopes of taking home a bit of lace or a worn object that otherwise might go unnoticed. 

When I was a little I learned that curbside junk can be made into gold when used in an otherwise boring room. For about 4 years I was very engrossed in my family’s ancestry, and ever since my fondness for old things has grown even deeper.  I think vintage decorating was always popular, way before it is now-in magazines and television and the internet. We didn't have access back then into people's homes like we do today, so to what extent were older items incorporated into decorating is only known mostly through family stories or keepsakes. My mother-in-law would call life then as frugal living, and using anything and everything would be used until it had holes or rusted. And sometimes it wasn't out of necessity but just mere sensible.

I think it’s wonderful to see so many people who have much of the same interests when it comes vintage things. Last night I read a blog post from a woman in Germany who decorates her house the same way many of us do here in the U.S with all the frilly stuff. To me, this is interesting to know that all over the world many of us have and want romantic homes and we use the same items in which to achieve this look.

 I realize that flowers, including roses, have always been brought into the home since the beginning of time-for their beauty and fragrance. And as long as fabric has been around we have sought after the softest and prettiest, such as silk and velvet. 

Victorian’s were known to decorate their homes, and even their clothes, with lace. And their gardens always contained a variety of scented flowers, especially roses. So it is obvious that we seek a romantic look based on what affects each of our senses the most.  Romance is love, and love has many flavors. Romantic style as we know is also associated with the color white, vintage items, simplistic objects like a single rose in a vase or natural twig wreath placed over a weathered chair. Even a love letter placed on an old book reminds us what it means to be romantic.

 I like to think, however, that part of any style is also learned. For me, it was watching my mother’s favorite movie “Gone with the Wind” that set my love of all things romantic in motion. Had I not watched the movie and seen all the wooing and over-the-top dresses, I might not love history and romance as much as I do.

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